Antique Sewan Kazak Rug #7779

7779 Sewan Kazak Rug

This circa 1860 antique Sewan Kazak Caucasian Oriental rug measures 5’8” X 8’0” (177 x 244 cm).  It one or two generations older than the ones normally seen. It has a huge medallion with a green ground with two lobes at either end of the medallion. One is double the size of the other and very asymmetric. The center medallion is red, white and green on a green ground with a running dog border around it. The entire medallion is enclosed with an ivory border containing an ‘S’ motif and surrounded with a running dog border in blue. Each corner contains a square ivory design and a blue motif which puts me in mind of a tarantula design seen in Facralo Kazaks. All is on a beautiful tomato red ground. The field of the rug contains essentially no symmetry. Everything is basically one of a kind. The inner minor border is composed of an arrow motif, three sides of which are composed of an arrow point sitting on a triangular motif. The upper part of the border has only the arrow in blue and red on a camel colored ground. I’ve never seen this major border on a Kazak. I do not know the name of it. It is composed of four different colored squares in ivory, tomato red, blue and seafoam green. Each one is outlined in a red and white barber pole motif. There is no corner solution which points to any early age. The outer minor border is a meandering ‘S’ design in blue, red, and green on a camel colored ground. The motif changes at the bottom of the rug. There is one area that is worn to the foundation as photographed about 8 inches long by ¼ to ½ inch wide horizontally from the major border to the field. Directly across there is another spot worn to the foundation which is the size of an extended middle finger (which I intend to have repaired). The upper minor border is low extending into the top of the ivory part of the medallion. The edges have been rewrapped years ago. The ends are complete. The upper end has never even been opened. This rug I consider to be 99% full pile and by the time it is sold, it will be in perfect condition except for the low spot in the upper minor border. This is the most beautiful rug of its type that I have ever seen. The asymmetry is unbelievable. The first time you see it, it will take your breath away! The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance  read more

Antique Oversized persian sarouk Oriental Rug #7763

#7763 Sarouk

This circa 1920 palace size Sarouk measures 11’0” X 17’10” . It has a maroon colored field with an all over design and a small center medallion. The major border has a leaf and vine motif in two shades of blue, maroon and white on a navy blue ground. There are two reciprocal floral borders. On pair is in blue with a repeated flower design and the next has a lighter shade of red in the field with a floral design of tulips and peonies and a connected vine motif. The rug is 98% full pile with approximately 2% of it having low pile. The ends and sides are complete. The rug is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping which includes the insurance read more

Antique Oversized Sarouk Persian Oriental Rug #7713

#7713 Antique Sarouk

This last ¼ 19th century antique Sarouk Persian Oriental Rug measures 13’6” X 19’3” (411 x 587 cm). This palace sized beauty absolutely has it all! The field is light red separated by what at first glance appears to be abrash, light red, abrash, light red, abrash, and light red but upon closer examination this may be a purposeful design element. The repetitions and the juxtapositions of the reds actually give the floral field motif a wavy feel of movement. I am not kidding! The floral motif in the field consists of alternating rows of rhomboids separated by a floral medallion which is very similar to the elongated pulled medallion found in Bidjar. There are three rows of complete design separated by two rows of the same design but in light blue. The rhomboids consist of a delicious old ivory color filled with a floral motif. The major border is a floral design in two shades of red with a beautiful light blue matching the field blue and connecting vines all on an indigo blue ground. This major border is flanked by three smaller reciprocal borders. read more

Antique Bakhtiari Luri Oriental Runner Rug #7716

#7716 Bakhtiari Luri Runner

This circa 1890 Bakhtiari Luri Runner Oriental Rug measures 3’8” X 16’3” (112 x 195 cm). It has a beautifully drawn boteh design which is repeated up the field of the rug. The boteh is in a pale coral color and looks like it is entering the bottom of a flower which is in two shades of red and seems to be growing out of a vine at the base. The field is surrounded by a stunning white ground border containing flowers in a single blossom motif inside a green semi cartouche. Each of these flowers is separated by a large bouquet. I have never seen this border before. The rug is stunning. The ends and sides are complete. The border is showing minor wear in places. The field unfortunately is mostly evenly low especially in the blue. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance. read more

Pair of Antique Chinese Throne backs mid 19c # 7776

#7776-7777 Antique Chinese Throneback

These mid 19th century Chinese Throne backs measure 2’4” X 2’4” each or 2’4” X 4’8” as they are sewn together here. They may be separated and sold individually or sold as is together. They are an Imperial golor color with ivory peonies at the top and bottom corners centered on the floral motif. The centers of the throne backs consist of a wreath containing four ivory flowers around a circle in blue on a golden ground. The entire center of the throne back consists of an ivory pearl motif on a blue ground. The border is very unique for this kind of rug. It is a combination diamond and latticework design in different shades of blue. These mid 19th century throne backs are in perfect mint condition. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance. read more

Antique Uzbek Suzani Embroidery # 7774

#7774 Suzanni

This mid 19th century Suzanni measures 4’2” X 5’2” (127 x 157 cm). It has been reduced and put back together near the center. As you can see, it is very beautifully drawn with nice all vegetal dyed colors and a very pleasant design. It’s too bad that it has been reduced but I didn’t order it that way. There are a couple of small to medium sized holes as photographed. The piece is ‘as is’. If framed and hung on a wall it would be stunning. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance. read more