Antique Oversized Sarouk Persian Oriental Rug #7713

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#7713 Antique Sarouk

This last ¼ 19th century antique Sarouk Persian Oriental Rug measures 13’6” X 19’3” (411 x 587 cm). This palace sized beauty absolutely has it all! The field is light red separated by what at first glance appears to be abrash, light red, abrash, light red, abrash, and light red but upon closer examination this may be a purposeful design element. The repetitions and the juxtapositions of the reds actually give the floral field motif a wavy feel of movement. I am not kidding! The floral motif in the field consists of alternating rows of rhomboids separated by a floral medallion which is very similar to the elongated pulled medallion found in Bidjar. There are three rows of complete design separated by two rows of the same design but in light blue. The rhomboids consist of a delicious old ivory color filled with a floral motif. The major border is a floral design in two shades of red with a beautiful light blue matching the field blue and connecting vines all on an indigo blue ground. This major border is flanked by three smaller reciprocal borders.

This rug has probably 99% full pile. The low areas consist of top of the knot wear. There is no foundation showing anywhere in the rug. Most of the wear is confined to the upper major border. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go.

This is an absolutely, as far as I know, completely unique rug and it’s gigantic size is fantastic!

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