Antique Peking Chinese Rug #7771

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#7771 Peking Chinese rug

This circa 1860-1880 Peking Chinese Oriental rug measures 3’8” X 7’2” (111 x 218 cm). What a rug!! I have never seen any rug even remotely like this design and I have owned more than 5,000 Chinese rugs. It has a blue field with a pearl motif in ivory at the top. At the bottom of the rug is one complete and two ½ images of the sacred mountain resting on top of a beautifully drawn wave design. The field of the rug is dark blue consisting of two yellow gold flowers in the left and right corners and a dark yellow and gold cloud motif. Now for the good part. There is a yellow gold five toed coiled dragon which is formed from the smoke rising from a sensor. Flanking the dragon are two tigers with curling tails looking behind themselves each standing on a pillar. The tigers brown stripes are beautifully drawn and the tigers have wide open eyes. They look like they could almost bite you in a dreamlike way. The dragons mouth is opening and ivory plumes of smoke are rising from its nostrils as it tries the catch the flaming pearl above its head. This rug is absolute magic and in perfect condition. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance. Peking Chinese Rug #7771

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