Antique Turkish Yuncu Oriental Rug 6’0” X 7’8” #7891

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This circa 1775-1800 Yuncu rug measures 6’0” X 7’8”. It is a very rare type of rug from the same area of Turkey as Bergama. There weren’t many made but those that were come in very large sizes like this. I have only seen a few of this type of rug and the ones I saw were in museums. I’ve never had a chance to buy one. I waited a long time to buy a rug like this. There is absolutely no corner solution. The diamond motifs in the major border have nothing to do with the ones opposite them and they are all in different colors which you don’t see very often. Notice the small vertical outer minor border in ivory with a diamond and cross motif. In two spots at the lower end there are two figures. On the opposite side of the rug there are three of them and the colors are different. In the horizontal borders north and south those little motifs are used but they are completely asymmetric with the ones at the other end. The field motif reminds one of joined S’s in blue on a red ground and there is one row of white S’s and one row of green S’s. At either end of the field is teal blue colored work that is quite different at one end from the other end. This rug is a real delight. It should keep anyone who loves rugs quite busy looking at it and finding something different every time they do! The condition is fantastic for its age.

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