#7465 Antique Ladik

#7465 Konya Ladik

This Konya Ladik measures 3’6” X 6’3” (109 x 192 cm). This rug appears to me to be 18th century. The prayer motif takes up the top half of the field. It is a well saturated red containing a nicely drawn tree of life arising out of an eight pointed star. The inner field of the stepped prayer motif is lined with carnations. The arch rises into the spandrels which consist of a well saturated seafoam green containing two ewers, one in aubergine and one in yellow, out of which arise serrated tobacco leafs from which dangle stars ala Christmas tree ornaments. The top of the spandrel is decorated with a modified plane leaf motif. The bottom half of the rug is composed of three tulips facing downwards separated by two trees of life. These seem to be growing out of downward facing niches which contain someone’s idea of a Memling gul. Two areas of the field are separated with a crossbar in wheat color containing meandering flower and vine design. The inner minor border carries on the same motif on a brilliant ivory ground. The main border consists of rectangular cartouches in red, yellow, blue, aubergine, white and brown containing rhomboids which further contain eight pointed stars. I have never seen this border before so I cannot put a name on it. The two minor center borders consist of single lazy S’s and meandering vine motif. The rug is woven with the design. This rug has obviously been on somebody’s wall for many years. Somebody loved this rug and greatly respected it. Including me. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance read more

#7750 Art Deco Chinese Antique Oriental Rug

This beautiful circa 1920 Art Deco Chinese Oriental rug measures 9’1” X 11’6” (277 x 353 cm). It has a dark blue field with two nicely drawn multi colored butterflies to the left and right of a branch containing many colored flowers in red, yellow, and blue from which are hanging grapes or wisteria in a lighter shade of blue. Suspended from this is a ring containing a beautiful parrot in blue, purple, three shades of green and red. The parrot is perched head downward and holds a basket of flowers. All is encompassed with a navy blue border which is almost black. The emptyish bordercontains a motif with urns of flowers on tables, birds, and a shield with a spear and cloud bands. This rug is essentially perfect. It is full pile. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance. read more

#7749 Peking Chinese Antique Oriental Rug

This circa 1850-1875 Peking Chinese Oriental Rug measures 11’0” X 13’8” (338 x 420 cm). It has a fantastic snow white field with a five clawed dragon in two colors of blue with ivory touches. It has an ivory major border with a rather geometric vine and flower motif in blue. This is encompassed with an inner minor border of facing light blue dragons on a dark blue ground separated with a ‘Shou’ symbol for luck. The outer minor border is a Greek key motif in light and dark blue. The rug is in essentially perfect condition. It is full pile. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance. read more

#7748 Yoruk Antique Rug

This last quarter 19th century Yoruk measures 4’3” X 8’0” (131 x 244 cm). It has a panel motif with seven diamond filled panels that are each different. The rug has very dark Yoruk colors including a clear white and a beautiful fiery red. It is full pile with the fantastic wool only found in Yoruks. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance. read more

#7742 Antique Kuba Oriental Rug

This circa 1850 antique Kuba Oriental Rug measures 3’8” X 5’1” (116 x 155 cm). It has an ivory ground completely covered in a combination of shield and palm head design with multi colored diamonds across the top in tobacco, red, blue, and black. There is a barber pole border of the type found only in Kuba flanking the majorborder with crab design on a medium blue ground. The two vertical borders have crabs nicely spread out. Across the top they become a little more squeezed together and at the bottom they are a little tighter yet. There are all sorts of  cute little things spread throughout the rug. There is a little quadraped, little diamonds and I forgot to mention there is a date 1222. Email me if you want to know what that translates to if you cannot work it out. The ends and sides are complete. The ivory is full iple and the reds are a little low. That’s a common thing in Caucasian rugs. The rug is very finely woven. It is in beautiful condition.  It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance. read more

#7754 Antique Laver Kerman Persian Oriental Rug

This circa 1925 Persian Laver Kerman antique Oriental rug #7754 measures 11’6” X 15’10”. This is a very interesting rug. It has a garden design consisting of six rows of squares. Rows 1, 3 and 5 are filled with a prayer niche motif with cloudbands and floral motifs. Rows 2, 4 and 6 are composed of an arched window motif. Each one of the nine windows is filled with cloudbands and flowers. The entire field is divided into nine sections each containing six separate images such are arched windows and prayer motif. The upper part of the field consists of a triple row of what appear to be tiles in the same motif as that used to separate the three large sections. The images within the nine sections are separated by a column with a Corinthian like capital. The border is very interesting. It is unique in my experience and brings to mind the border of the Pazyrk carpet except here the men on horseback are back to back and pulling something between the two of them which looks like a beehive. The horses are all different. The border has a navy blue ground and there are four pair of reciprocal borders. There is a lot of color in this rug. There is a pale rose, green, blues, tobacco and yellow. The rug has an overall calming effect. One of the interesting aspects of this rug is that the motif in the field is based on the square root of three. There are three major sections each section containing three sections. The smaller sections when combined are equal to nine. In each major section there are three minor sections forming six in each minor section forming twelve in 2/3rds of the sections forming eighteen in all sections. I would be shocked if you read this far, but take my word for it… this very complicated rug is designed in multiples of 3. I’m not sure if anyone else would find this interesting but I thought I’d throw it out there! The rug has complete ends and sides. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance. read more

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