Peking Chinese Oriental Rug #7812

7812 Peking Chinese rug image

This last quarter 19th century Peking Chinese Oriental Rug measures 10’1 X 13’6” (308 x 515 cm). It has a medium brown field ala milk chocolate and a medallion with four flowers and vines enclosed within a wreath. The field motif consists of twenty flower sprays in three colors of blue with ivory. The corners are drawn with one large

#7809 Antique Peking Chinese Rug 4’0″ X 6’9″

7809 Peking Chinese rug image

This 4th quarter 19th century Peking Chinese Oriental rug measures 4’0” X 6’9” (122 x 213 cm). It is a very nice little Peking rug with a charming bucolic scene of a spotted deer on a hillside with a tree coming from the top and another flowering tree off to the left. There is a bird and a butterfly and

#7775 Antique Borchalou Kazak Caucasian Rug

7775 antique borchlou Kazak

This third quarter 19th century Borchalou Kazak antique Oriental Caucasian carpet measures 5’2” X 7’5” (158 x 229 cm). The three panel field consists of two red squares flanking a green one. All are different sizes. Each square contains a different medallion. They are all three very asymmetrical. The border around the field is a reciprocal of the outer minor

Antique Sewan Kazak Rug #7779

7779 Sewan Kazak Rug This circa 1860 antique Sewan Kazak Caucasian Oriental rug measures 5’8” X 8’0” (177 x 244 cm).  It one or two generations older than the ones normally seen. It has a huge medallion with a green ground with two lobes at either end of the medallion. One is double the size of the other and very

Antique Oversized Persian Sarouk Oriental Rug #7763

#7763 Sarouk This circa 1920 palace size Sarouk measures 11’0” X 17’10” . It has a maroon colored field with an all over design and a small center medallion. The major border has a leaf and vine motif in two shades of blue, maroon and white on a navy blue ground. There are two reciprocal floral borders. On pair is

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