Antique Marasali Shirvan Rug #7773

#7773 Marasali Shirvan Rug

This very antique Marasali Shirvan measures 3’2” X 4’1” (96 x 124 cm).  The rug is dated 1793 in the upper right spandrel with some Arabic writing which I cannot read although I can read the date. The rug has a nicely drawn niche in blue with a double serrated edge in red on an ivory ground. The lattice motif is filled with various flowers with a nice degree of asymmetry. The reciprocal minor borders are flowers separated by light blue check marks on a dark blue ground. The major border is wide for the size of the rug and it is the typical border for this type of rug. The ends and sides are slightly degraded and the rug is generally low but you’ll be low too when 225 years old. This is the oldest dated Shirvan I have ever seen. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance. read more

Antique Bidjov Caucasian Rare Oriental Rug #7772

#7772 Bidjov Rug

This circa 1860 Bidjov Caucasian Oriental Rug measures 3’4” X 4’11” (102 x 150 cm). This is a very beautiful example of Bidjov. The dark blue ground has the distinct Bidjov pattern. There are four tiny quadrupeds at the top of the field. All four different and very cute. The rug is surrounded by a medium red border with a lighter red scrolling leaf, vine and flower motif. The outer minor border is a variation of the rolling S design. The ends are basically complete. The edges are absolutely complete. There are two tiny low places less than the size of a thumb in two places in the brown which in my opinion ‘if that’s not there, then it’s not old’. The rug is essentially full pile. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance . read more

Antique Peking Chinese Rug #7771

#7771 Peking Chinese rug

This circa 1860-1880 Peking Chinese Oriental rug measures 3’8” X 7’2” (111 x 218 cm). What a rug!! I have never seen any rug even remotely like this design and I have owned more than 5,000 Chinese rugs. It has a blue field with a pearl motif in ivory at the top. At the bottom of the rug is one complete and two ½ images of the sacred mountain resting on top of a beautifully drawn wave design. The field of the rug is dark blue consisting of two yellow gold flowers in the left and right corners and a dark yellow and gold cloud motif. Now for the good part. There is a yellow gold five toed coiled dragon which is formed from the smoke rising from a sensor. Flanking the dragon are two tigers with curling tails looking behind themselves each standing on a pillar. The tigers brown stripes are beautifully drawn and the tigers have wide open eyes. They look like they could almost bite you in a dreamlike way. The dragons mouth is opening and ivory plumes of smoke are rising from its nostrils as it tries the catch the flaming pearl above its head. This rug is absolute magic and in perfect condition. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance. read more

Antique Chodor Turkmen Tekke Rug #7770

#7770 Chodor

This circa 1860 Turkoman Chodor Oriental Rug measures 6’8” X 9’3” (203 x 282 cm). It has a medium to dark chocolate brown field with a diamond shaped motif in pale red, beautiful green, dark blue and ivory. Each row of these diamond shaped guls are separated by a very asymmetrically drawn lightning bolt design running vertically. The ‘Turkmen Line’ border seen here is considered one of the archetypal Turkomen borders. The rug is very interesting. Chodors are the earliest Turkomen carpets made. The ones with the different color ‘ertmen’ guls are always woven before 1880. The rug is 99% full pile with no foundation showing. The kilim ends are about 6-8” wide with horizontal lines which are red at one end and blue at the other. It is in fantastic condition and the wool is exceedingly fine. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $60.00. read more

Antique Sarouk Persian Rug #7763

This circa 1920 palace size Sarouk measures 11’0” X 17’10” (335 x 543 cm). It has a maroon colored field with an all over design and a small center medallion. The major border has a leaf and vine motif in two shades of blue, maroon and white on a navy blue ground. There are two reciprocal floral borders. On pair is in blue with a repeated flower design and the next has a lighter shade of red in the field with a floral design of tulips and peonies and a connected vine motif. The rug is 98% full pile with approximately 2% of it having low pile. The ends and sides are complete. The rug is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping which includes the insurance of $200. read more

#7465 Antique Ladik

#7465 Konya Ladik

This Konya Ladik measures 3’6” X 6’3” (109 x 192 cm). This rug appears to me to be 18th century. The prayer motif takes up the top half of the field. It is a well saturated red containing a nicely drawn tree of life arising out of an eight pointed star. The inner field of the stepped prayer motif is lined with carnations. The arch rises into the spandrels which consist of a well saturated seafoam green containing two ewers, one in aubergine and one in yellow, out of which arise serrated tobacco leafs from which dangle stars ala Christmas tree ornaments. The top of the spandrel is decorated with a modified plane leaf motif. The bottom half of the rug is composed of three tulips facing downwards separated by two trees of life. These seem to be growing out of downward facing niches which contain someone’s idea of a Memling gul. Two areas of the field are separated with a crossbar in wheat color containing meandering flower and vine design. The inner minor border carries on the same motif on a brilliant ivory ground. The main border consists of rectangular cartouches in red, yellow, blue, aubergine, white and brown containing rhomboids which further contain eight pointed stars. I have never seen this border before so I cannot put a name on it. The two minor center borders consist of single lazy S’s and meandering vine motif. The rug is woven with the design. This rug has obviously been on somebody’s wall for many years. Somebody loved this rug and greatly respected it. Including me. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance read more