Antique Peking Chinese Oriental Rug 8’7” X 9’6” #7896

This late 19th century Peking Chinese Oriental rug measures 8’7” X 9’6”. It has four rondels containing and antlered animal under a tree and six flower sprays in two shades of blue and brown. There is a center medallion in dark blue containing a flowering tree on a hill over a small house, all on an ecru ground. The minor border

Antique Prepedil Kuba Oriental Rug 4’0” X 6’3” #7994

Antique Prepedil Kuba Oriental Rug 4’0” X 6’3” #7994 This circa 1880 Caucasian Prepedil Kuba Oriental rug measures 4’0” X 6’3”. The rust red field has a design of stylized birds in ivory, blue, green, black and tobacco. There are six borders which is odd. The inner border is meandering vine on an ivory ground. The next border has eight

Antique Shirvan/Kuba Caucasian rug 4’7” X 6’4” #7995

TThis circa 1880 Shirvan/Kuba measures 4’7” X 6’4”. It has three tomato red Saint Andrews crosses on an indigo ground. The ground is covered in quartered octagons in ivory, tobacco, two shades of blue and red. It has a very interesting motif. The vertical interior edges of the field have arrow motif in the same colors. The major border is

Antique Shirvan Kilim Rug 5’2” X 10’5” #7878

This second half 19th century Shirvan Kilim measures 5’2” X 10’5” (158 x 320 cm). This is a lovely Kilim. The wider bands are all on an ivory ground with hooked medallions. The pink color is doubtless from East Turkestan where you don’t see a lot of kilims of this age. The thinner bands are probably cochineal or madder red and

Antique Shirvan Rug 3’10” X 5’10” #7861

This antique Shirvan Oriental Rug dated 1900 measures 3’10” X 5’10”. It has three medallions. The top and bottom medallions are in a pale blue and the middle one is in yellow gold. The top medallion has a checkerboard border like a Talish. The middle medallion has a border of flowers with four petals. The medallion on the bottom has

Antique Peking Chinese Oriental Rug 8’1” X 9’10” #7966

This late 19th century. It is quite a beautiful carpet! Two opposite corners are worked in a very pale tobacco, 2 colors of blue and ivory with a floral arrangement coming from a rockery. The other two corners have a floral arrangement beginning in the pale blue border and going into the navy blue field. A very delicately drawn large