Antique Amritsar Rug from India 9’8″ X 17’8″ #7361

Antique Amritsar Rug from India #7361 image

Age pre-1910. This circa 1910 Amritsar from India measures 9’8” X 17’8” (298 X 517 cm). It has an overall design of swirls and twisting, twining, vining vegetation with flowering trees, cypress trees and dozens of birds flying in and out of foliage and sitting on branches. All this activity is taking place on a field color of very pale mocha.

Antique Amritsar Rug from India 10’0″ X 13’10” #5918

Age pre-1910. This circa 1920 Indian Amrisar measures 9’10” X 13’10” (304 X 425 cm). This rug is in essentially perfect condition except for the small area highlighted by my finger in the photos. The rug is quite large and did not photograph well in the overall picture so please be sure to view the close-ups for the exact colors and

#7106 Antique Indo Chinese Carpet 12’3″ X 15’10”

#7106 Antique Indo Chinese Carpet image

Age pre-1910. This late 19th century Indochinese carpet measures 12’3” X 15’10” (374 x 486 cm). . It has a round medallion composed of several renditions of foo dogs. This motif is generally limited to one or two animals. This one has five or six which is very unusual, and all in a different rendering. The field is golden yellow into

Antique Agra #5193

antique agra image 5193

Age pre-1910. This Agra measures 7´11″ X 11´11″. It is a 19th century rug with an overall design in corduvan on an ivory ground. The outer border is meandering vine design with flower heads on an black ground which has eroded consistent with age. The inner border has linked flower heads on a corduvan ground. The ends and sides are

Melas Antique Turkish Rug 3’10” X 5’4″ #7178

#7178 Melas rug image

Age pre-1910. This mid-19th century Melas measures 3’10” X 5’4” (121 x 164 cm). This motif is known as the box design for obvious reasons. Two squares are filled with the star motif. one in aubergine , and one tomato red. The top square has a blue border with the rams horn motif at the East and West. North and South

Melas Antique Turkish Rug 3’8″ X 4’10” #7177

Melas image #7177

Age pre-1910. TThis circa 1825 Melas measures 3’8” X 4’10” (115 x 152 cm). It has a tomato red prayer niche on an ivory ground with carnation motif in the spandrels. It has two niche amulets. It has a tree of life/dragon motif in the center of the niche. The minor border is a meandering vine with cherry red flower heads.