#7283 Kazak Antique Caucasian Rug

Age pre-1910. This circa 1875 Caucasian Kazak rug measures 3ft 9” X 6ft 6” (118 x 201 cm). It has the Mogan motif in red and blue with ivory negative spaces. It has one narrow border with the lazy S design. This rug is absolutely full pile and very hairy. The ends and sides are original and complete. This rug is

#6876 Borchalo Kazak Antique Caucasian Rug 3’10” X 4’9″

Age pre-1910. This first half 19th century Borchalo Kazak measures 3’10” X 4’9” (121 X 149cm). It is a lovely little prayer rug which has a tomato red field and a very simple prayer design. The medium blue prayer arch is very high on the field of the rug denoting age. The blue/green diamonds flanked by two hexagons are filled with

#7198 Kazak Antique Caucasian Rug 4’2″ X 8’5″

Age pre-1910. This third-quarter 19th-century Kazak measures 4’2” X 8’5” (128 X 259cm). It has four memling gul medallions, one on a blue ground, one on an aubergine ground, one on a yellow ground, and the last one on an aubergine ground all on a heavily saturated green field containing a nicely asymmetric motif. All is encompassed with an ivory border

#5625 Borchalou Kazak Antique Caucasian Rug 5’4″ x 7’0″

Age pre-1910. This circa 1860 antique Caucasian Borjalou Kazak rug measures 5 feet 4 inches X 7 feet (164 X 213 cm). It is a nice big Kazak and the only prayer Borjalou I have ever seen. The prayer design is in a well saturated blue green with a fantastic Borjalou border of multi colored triangles. The rug is essentially full

#6733 Tachte Shirvan Antique Caucasian Rug 3’8″ X 4’5″

Age pre-1910. This circa 1870 Tachte Shirvan measures 3 ‘ 8” x 4’ 5 “ (115 x 137cm). In my knowledge this is an unpublished design. It is a very rare type of Shirvan. It consists of four rectangles. The top two are in blue and aubergine.The bottom two are in wheat to gold and blue. Between the rectangles are what

#7040 Antique Kuba Caucasian rug 1’4″ X 1’4″

Age pre-1910. This very cute antique miniature Kuba measures 1’4” x 1’4’ (42 x 42 cm). It has a brown field with a large ivory snowflake image covering most of the field with two small red and blue geometric images in the corners. The rug is full pile and is in mint condition. The buyer pays the shipping of 20.00.. .