#7465 Antique Ladik

#7465 Konya Ladik

This Konya Ladik measures 3’6” X 6’3” (109 x 192 cm). This rug appears to me to be 18th century. The prayer motif takes up the top half of the field. It is a well saturated red containing a nicely drawn tree of life arising out of an eight pointed star. The inner field of the stepped prayer motif is lined with carnations. The arch rises into the spandrels which consist of a well saturated seafoam green containing two ewers, one in aubergine and one in yellow, out of which arise serrated tobacco leafs from which dangle stars ala Christmas tree ornaments. The top of the spandrel is decorated with a modified plane leaf motif. The bottom half of the rug is composed of three tulips facing downwards separated by two trees of life. These seem to be growing out of downward facing niches which contain someone’s idea of a Memling gul. Two areas of the field are separated with a crossbar in wheat color containing meandering flower and vine design. The inner minor border carries on the same motif on a brilliant ivory ground. The main border consists of rectangular cartouches in red, yellow, blue, aubergine, white and brown containing rhomboids which further contain eight pointed stars. I have never seen this border before so I cannot put a name on it. The two minor center borders consist of single lazy S’s and meandering vine motif. The rug is woven with the design. This rug has obviously been on somebody’s wall for many years. Somebody loved this rug and greatly respected it. Including me. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance read more

#7748 Yoruk Antique Rug

This last quarter 19th century Yoruk measures 4’3” X 8’0” (131 x 244 cm). It has a panel motif with seven diamond filled panels that are each different. The rug has very dark Yoruk colors including a clear white and a beautiful fiery red. It is full pile with the fantastic wool only found in Yoruks. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance. read more

Antique Kula Turkish Rug

Age pre-1910. This circa 1800-1825 Kula rug measures 4’3” X 6’2” (131 x 189 cm). It is a very beautiful Kula prayer rug with a light blue prayer niche completely filled with small white tulips surrounded with a three colored frame in peach to grey green. The ivory spandrels are filled with Ottoman tulips in red and gold completely surrounded by 17 stripes in various colors which are also filled with tiny flowers. The stripes are in red, gold, ivory and blue. The top end is missing the outside border. The bottom end is complete including the selvedge. The rug is evenly low. There are a couple of reweaves which are very well done and at least 100 years old. There are lazy lines visible from the back. This rug is the real deal. The twin to this rug is photographed in a 100 year old book that I own and it’s listed early 19th century which to me means 1800-1825. I doubt it. To me this rug screams 18th century or older. It’s got it all. The archaic motif. The lazy lines. The ancient repair. But I will err on the side of caution and advertise as 1st quarter 19th century although I believe it is 18th century and possibly older. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $50.00 read more

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