Hereke Silk Souf 23 x 15 inch – 59 x 38 cm Prayer Mat Rug

Hereke Silk Souf 23 x 15 inch - 59 x 38 cm Prayer Mat Rug

Hereke Silk Souf 23 x 15 inch – 59 x 38 cm Prayer Mat Rug A original Hereke Silk Souf Prayer Rug Very fine knotted genuine Hereke silk carpet from Turkey. The basic fabric of silk carpets from Hereke is traditionally made of genuine Bursa silk. The pile is also made of Bursa silk dyed with natural colors. Souf silk carpets also

Antique Turkish Yuncu Oriental Rug 6’0” X 7’8” #7891

This circa 1775-1800 Yuncu rug measures 6’0” X 7’8”. It is a very rare type of rug from the same area of Turkey as Bergama. There weren’t many made but those that were come in very large sizes like this. I have only seen a few of this type of rug and the ones I saw were in museums. I’ve

Very Antique Konya Oriental Rug 4’5” X 6’8” #7806

This early 18th century possibly mid-17th century Konya antique rug is incredibly beautiful and certainly belongs in any museum. It measures 4’5” X 6’8” (137 x 207 cm).  It has a beautiful yellow field which is topped off by an apricot colored abrash with  four cones on the top of it. The dyes are actually made from apricots sometimes adding a bit

Large Azeri Heriz 15 x 11 ft Djoharian Collection

Azeri Heriz rug 15 x 11 ft / 434 x 334 cm Hand knotted Azeri Heriz rug – made in Turkey Pile: Pure Wool, dyed with vegerable dyes Warp and Weft: Cotton Vintage rug in exquisite condition. The city of Heriz is located in northwestern Iran between the cities of Tabriz and Ardebil and is an important center of persian

20 x 16 ft Azeri Oversized Rug Djoharian Collection

A large sized Turkish Azeri rug with Heriz Bakhshaish design. The pile is made of high end quality wool – hand spun, hand dyed with all vegetable dyes and knotted by master weavers. The rug is very decorative and almost square. The condition is exquisite. The rug was made in eastern Turkey close to the Persian border. In the fourth