#7748 Yoruk Antique Rug

This last quarter 19th century Yoruk measures 4’3” X 8’0” (131 x 244 cm). It has a panel motif with seven diamond filled panels that are each different. The rug has very dark Yoruk colors including a clear white and a beautiful fiery red. It is full pile with the fantastic wool only found in Yoruks. The ends and sides are

Antique Kula Turkish Rug #7738

Age pre-1910. This circa 1800-1825 Kula rug measures 4’3” X 6’2” (131 x 189 cm). It is a very beautiful Kula prayer rug with a light blue prayer niche completely filled with small white tulips surrounded with a three colored frame in peach to grey green. The ivory spandrels are filled with Ottoman tulips in red and gold completely surrounded by

#7586 Kazak Antique Caucasian Runner

Age pre-1910. This circa 1870 Kazak runner measures 3’9” X 8’8” (118 x 268 cm). It is a very interesting Kazak. It has diagonal stripes in ivory, green, gold, brown and blue on a tomato red ground. The interesting thing about these diagonal stripes is that they are hooked. I have never seen this treatment before. The major border is composed

Antique Melez Turkish Rug #7625

Age pre-1910. This circa 1830 Melez #7625 measures 4’3” X 6’0” (131 x 183 cm). The second image of the rug is a back shot. Do you see the Lazy Lines along the measuring tape used to show them? That is how I am arriving at the date. The rug has a ribbed back like a Melez. The motif leans toward