Antique Sewan Kazak Rug #7779

7779 Sewan Kazak Rug

This circa 1860 antique Sewan Kazak Caucasian Oriental rug measures 5’8” X 8’0” (177 x 244 cm).  It one or two generations older than the ones normally seen. It has a huge medallion with a green ground with two lobes at either end of the medallion. One is double the size of the other and very asymmetric. The center medallion is red, white and green on a green ground with a running dog border around it. The entire medallion is enclosed with an ivory border containing an ‘S’ motif and surrounded with a running dog border in blue. Each corner contains a square ivory design and a blue motif which puts me in mind of a tarantula design seen in Facralo Kazaks. All is on a beautiful tomato red ground. The field of the rug contains essentially no symmetry. Everything is basically one of a kind. The inner minor border is composed of an arrow motif, three sides of which are composed of an arrow point sitting on a triangular motif. The upper part of the border has only the arrow in blue and red on a camel colored ground. I’ve never seen this major border on a Kazak. I do not know the name of it. It is composed of four different colored squares in ivory, tomato red, blue and seafoam green. Each one is outlined in a red and white barber pole motif. There is no corner solution which points to any early age. The outer minor border is a meandering ‘S’ design in blue, red, and green on a camel colored ground. The motif changes at the bottom of the rug. There is one area that is worn to the foundation as photographed about 8 inches long by ¼ to ½ inch wide horizontally from the major border to the field. Directly across there is another spot worn to the foundation which is the size of an extended middle finger (which I intend to have repaired). The upper minor border is low extending into the top of the ivory part of the medallion. The edges have been rewrapped years ago. The ends are complete. The upper end has never even been opened. This rug I consider to be 99% full pile and by the time it is sold, it will be in perfect condition except for the low spot in the upper minor border. This is the most beautiful rug of its type that I have ever seen. The asymmetry is unbelievable. The first time you see it, it will take your breath away! The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance  read more

#7742 Antique Kuba Oriental Rug

This circa 1850 antique Kuba Oriental Rug measures 3’8” X 5’1” (116 x 155 cm). It has an ivory ground completely covered in a combination of shield and palm head design with multi colored diamonds across the top in tobacco, red, blue, and black. There is a barber pole border of the type found only in Kuba flanking the majorborder with crab design on a medium blue ground. The two vertical borders have crabs nicely spread out. Across the top they become a little more squeezed together and at the bottom they are a little tighter yet. There are all sorts of  cute little things spread throughout the rug. There is a little quadraped, little diamonds and I forgot to mention there is a date 1222. Email me if you want to know what that translates to if you cannot work it out. The ends and sides are complete. The ivory is full iple and the reds are a little low. That’s a common thing in Caucasian rugs. The rug is very finely woven. It is in beautiful condition.  It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance. read more

Antique Kuba Rug #7739

Age pre-1910. This circa 1880 Kuba antique rug measures 3’3” X 3’9” (100 x 117 cm). It is a cute little Kuba with a lattice design on an ivory ground. Each part of lattice is filled with different shapes and colors of flowers. There is lots of asymmetry in the field. The inner and reciprocal borders are on red and blue grounds.Two reciprocal borders are separated by an ivory border containing little flowers. The outer border has various renderings of crosses shaped like flowers and game boards in Baku blue. The more I look at it, it may be a Baku. It has a very fine back like a Baku and I have never seen this color in any rug but Baku. I guess that’s what makes this fun. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $50.00 read more

Antique Kazak Rug

Age pre-1910. This second half 19th century Kazak measures 4’3” X 9’0” (131 x 274 cm). It has a double keyhole design. It is in full pile delicious condition except for one thing. At the top end of the rug there is a very strange repair. The last border has been woven separately from the rest of the rug and then sewn on to the end of the rug. From the face it’s a great job. From the back you can see it. I believe the weaver either wove it wrong or it was so messed up that he wove it again and attached it. At the same end there are three reweaves from ½ “ wide to 1” wide and from 5” long to 12 “ long. The reweaves are expertly done and basically invisible from the front of the rug and they are old repairs. Otherwise this rug is in full pile condition like it has never even been walked upon. The two keyhole motifs are ivory surrounding the inside which is a beautiful green with a red center. It sort of looks like a Sewan. The field is a very dark blue with a lattice work design in alternating ivory and blue. There are three quadrupeds and a couple of birds. The insides of the pieces of lattice look very much like pitchforks sprouting flowers. The ivory border contains a double facing C motif in green and red which I have not seen before and cannot find published anywhere. East and west of the major border are two reciprocal borders on brown ground probably natural wool because there is no erosion. It is done in an interesting flower head design. The outer reciprocal border is done in the same motif only a little bigger. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $50.00..
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Antique Kazak Rug #7733

Age pre-1910. This second half 19th century Kazak measures 4’7” X 8’4” (143 x 256 cm). This is a splendid Kazak. The tomato red ground sports four medallions in green and ivory. The medallions are surrounded by latch hooks in green and contain an interesting motif. The field is filled with crosses in medallions, Memling guls and scattered lazy S’s. The major border is composed of crosses in red, ivory and blue on a dark green ground separated by reciprocal borders with triangles coming together. The rug has very full pile. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $150.00..
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Antique Kazak Rug #7734

Age pre-1910. This circa 1880 Kazak Oriental Rug measures 4’7” X 7’8” (143 x 237cm). It has a dark blue ground with three eight sided medallions. The ones on the end are tomato red and the one in the center is green. The field contains ten small tree shaped images with twenty four ivory and red crosses. It has a very wide wine glass or otherwise known as leaf and calyx major border. The wine glasses are nicely done in green, blue, red and cordovan. Two wide reciprocal borders flank the major border and have a barber pole design in red, blue, ivory and green. This Kazak rug has full pile. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $50.00..
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