Pair of Antique Chinese Throne backs mid 19c # 7776

  #7776-7777 Antique Chinese Throneback These mid 19th century Chinese Throne backs measure 2’4” X 2’4” each or 2’4” X 4’8” as they are sewn together here. They may be separated and sold individually or sold as is together. They are an Imperial golor color with ivory peonies at the top and bottom corners centered on the floral motif. The centers

Antique Peking Chinese Rug #7771

#7771 Peking Chinese rug This circa 1860-1880 Peking Chinese Oriental rug measures 3’8” X 7’2” (111 x 218 cm). What a rug!! I have never seen any rug even remotely like this design and I have owned more than 5,000 Chinese rugs. It has a blue field with a pearl motif in ivory at the top. At the bottom of

Vintage Nichols Art Deco Chinese Oriental Rug #7728

Age Highly-collectible/1910-1930. This circa 1925 Art Deco Chinese Oriental Rug signed NICHOLS measures 9’0” X 11’11” (274 x 368 cm). It has a large floral medallion in pink, rose and terra cotta with leafs in two shades of blue, two shades of green and light and dark purple. The corners are worked in the same motif only quartered. All is on

Vintage Art Deco Chinese Oriental Rug #7729

Age pre-1910. This circa 1925 Art Deco Chinese Oriental Rug measures 9’0” X 11’7” (274 x 356 cm). This rug is a fantastic color of pumpkin. I have never seen a rug in this color before. The rug is confined to only three colors. Pumpkin and two shades of blue. It is very dramatic! It has a center medallion in the

Antique Khotan Oriental Rug #6723

Age pre-1910. #6723 Khotan. . This circa 1880 Khotan measures 5 ‘ 9” x 9’ 0 “. This fantastic carpet has a bittersweet field with two medallions which are drawn in a three stage 3- d effect. The outer portion of the medallion is in pale aubergine with a very pale green flower head motif.  The next stage, proceeding inward, repeats

Antique Peking Chinese Oriental Rug #7700

Age pre-1910. This circa 1890 Peking Chinese antique Oriental Rug measures 10’0” X 16’0” (305 x 487 cm). Miles of blue! This rug has an indigo field containing a circular central medallion in rusty brown with a table with floral decorations, a flower pot containing a flowering tree and a pot of tea. It is simple but elegant. “How Chinese.” The

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