Antique European Rug 8’0” X 11’4” #7899

Antique european handmade carpet

  This circa 1910 Antique European rug measures 8’0” X 11’4”. It has a whimsical repeated design on a butter yellow field offset with blue foliage surrounded with reciprocal  narrow golden minor borders with a flower head and leaf design. The major border has flowers outlined in blue with a curlique design connecting the flowers. There are two very narrow

Antique European Rug 13’5” X 16’6” #7942

Donnegal rug oversized antique

Antique European Rug 13’5” X 16’6” #7942 This gigantic European rug measures 13’5” X 16’6”. It is most probably a Donegal rug and possibly designed by Voysey. I don’t know how to describe this rug except to say that it is handmade from probably 1900-1930 with a symmetric knot. It is quite dramatic! This rug is in excellent condition. It

#7469 Antique Laristan Oriental Rug 9’0″ x 11’2″

Age pre-1910. This dated 1904 Laristan Oriental Rug measures 9’0″ X 11’2″. It has a pale rose ground with an overall very open floral design in ivory and several shades of blue. The major border is dark blue containing scrolling flowers encompassed by ivory reciprocal borders with flowers in two shades of blue. The rug has a very attractive layout

#7106 Antique Indo Chinese Carpet 12’3″ X 15’10”

#7106 Antique Indo Chinese Carpet image

Age pre-1910. This late 19th century Indochinese carpet measures 12’3” X 15’10” (374 x 486 cm). . It has a round medallion composed of several renditions of foo dogs. This motif is generally limited to one or two animals. This one has five or six which is very unusual, and all in a different rendering. The field is golden yellow into