Ottoman Embroidery

Age pre-1910. This 19th century Ottoman embroidery #7634done in metal measures 3’2” x 3’9” (97 x 118 cm). The metal seems to be a low carat gold. The motif is a medallion with what appears to be torches coming from the center and out either end ala a pulled medallion all on a floral ground on which the metal has a blue tinge like the sky. This very well done and very beautiful piece is essentially in perfect condition and rather large for an embroidery of this type. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $55.00 read more

Ottoman Embroidery

Age pre-1910. This 19th century Ottoman embroidery #7633 done in metal measures 14” X 15” (36 x39 cm). It has a tugra in the center. I cannot find the name. The metal seems to be a low carat gold sewn to a linen back. This piece is essentially in mint condition. The ends and sides are original and complete. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance . read more

13860 Sultanabad / Agra 9.6 x 8.2 ft

Age 1970+. Guaranteed handknotted oriental rug.
Land of origin: India.
Provenience: Sultanabad Ziegler design, handknotted in Agra.
Size: 9.6 x 8.4 ft.
Pile material: Wool.
Warp / Foundation: Cotton.
This great rug is a reproduction of an antique Mahal Sultanabad fro the Ziegler production. It was made with handspun wool and natural dyes. Unique decorative rug with unusual size. Will fit with a modern as well as a traditional interiour design. KPSI is about 100 like the original Mahal rugs. read more

Antique Agra

Age pre-1910. This circa 1900 Agra measures 11’8” X 17’7” (359 X 539 cm).This king sized rug is done in several shades of yellow. The predominant yellow being the tone of unsalted butter as opposed to salted butter. The rug is exceedingly muted. For instance, there are six borders around this rug in various shades of yellow, but a cursory glance in strong light would make it appear that there is only one border. This motif carries on through the field which has an overall motif with no center medallion. There is a minor border which serves to separate the field from the major outer borders in steel gunmetal blue. The rug is so light that it flashes out the image as if it were made of silk. It looks as if one side of the rug is a different tone than the other but it is not. If one looks at the rug over the nap and then looks into the nap there is a dramatic color shift. The only way to get a clear image of the colors is to look at the close-up photos. This beautiful rug is essentially full pile. The ends are complete and original. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a rug of this quality. read more

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