Antique Senna Saddle Rug 3’6” X 3’5” #7857

antique senna horse saddle cover rug

This circa 1880 Senna Saddle is very finely woven. It measures 3’6” X 3’5”. The saddle cover is laid out in a prayer design. The color appears green however the background is actually done in a pale blue with a yellow boteh design which comes together to make the rug appear green. The spandrels at the top of the prayer

Antique Hadjalili Tabriz Rug 4’3” X 5’9” #7915

This circa 1860 Hadjalili Tabriz measures 4’3” X 5’9”. It has a diamond shaped center motif in ivory containing a pulled diamond shaped motif in a darker ivory with geometric contents. The corners are done in the same unknowable but always lovely motif as the center medallion. The weaver of this rug liked this motif so much that he tried

Antique Khorasson Oriental Rug 4’8” X 6’5” #7930

  This circa 1880 Khorasson measures 4’8” X 6’5”.  It has a very pale red going to peach in the border and the field has an ivory background which you would never know as there is so much design going on in it. The field motif has a boteh in dark brown facing left on an ivory field that is

Antique Laver Kerman Oriental Rug 4’3” X 6’7” #7947

This last quarter 19th century Laver Kerman measures 4’3” X 6’7”. It has a prayer motif on a café au lait ground containing a tree of life with birds sitting in a row of branches extending half way down the rug and coming to rest in the center of a large floral decoration containing two large birds at its base

21 x 13 ft Oversized Persian Rug Mehraban with Sarouk style

15199 Sarouk Mehraban oversized antique rug 21 x 13 ft / 645 x 390 cm pink rose blue green A so called “american Sarouk” antique rug in a rare palace format and rose pink backcolor. The carpet has little areas of short pile and some old very professional made and invisible restorations. The pile is made of wool, the warp