Antique Uzbek Suzani Embroidery # 7774

#7774 Suzanni This mid 19th century Suzanni measures 4’2” X 5’2” (127 x 157 cm). It has been reduced and put back together near the center. As you can see, it is very beautifully drawn with nice all vegetal dyed colors and a very pleasant design. It’s too bad that it has been reduced but I didn’t order it that way.

Antique Greek Isles Embroidery #6021

This Greek Islands embroidery measures 2-0 x 4-1. This piece is beautifully put together in a prayer motif. The center could be 18th century it is silk and linen on linen. The outer border is soumak work This is very rare in this type of work. The buyer pays the shipping and insurance of $35.

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