Tibetan Rug

Age pre-1910. This Tibetan rug measures 8’2” x 5’4” (249 x 164 cm). It contains a Khotanesque design of geometric chrysanthemum, lotus and peony blossoms sprouting from a rockery with a water scene in the background. It is enclosed with a minor border with Greek key design with makes you think of Mongolian rugs. The main border is composed of various cartouches of flower heads, cloud designs and Chinese fretwork in blue, orange and ivory all surrounded with an outer border whose origins are anybodies guess. It is very unique and interesting with various colored crosses on various colored grounds. The rug is full pile.The rug is clean and ready to go. . read more

Tibetan Rug

Age pre-1910. This circa 1900 Tibetan rug measures 2’5” X 4’7” (76 X 143 cm). It has a navy blue ground with three medallions. There are bowls of flowers in each corner and clouds scattered throughout the field in saffron yellow, peach and three colors of blue and red. It has a Greek key border on an ivory ground. This rug shows wear but is a nice collectors item. . read more

Tibetan Chair Back

Age pre-1910. This late 19th century Tibetan chair back measures 1’8” x 1’7” (54x64cm). It has a scalloped field mirroring the edges of the chair back, and a wave bottom. The field color is red with peonies and chrysanthemums. The border is ivory with flower heads in a crosshatched design. The rug is full pile and in perfect condition. . read more

Tibetan Runner

Age pre-1910. This late 19th century Tibetan Meditation runner measures 2’3” X 20’3” (70x617cm). This rug has been folded over for purposes of taking the photograph as it will not fit in the frame of my camera. It consists of nine full frontal dragons. The dragons are the typical checkerboard pattern on the bodies in two shades of brown instead of the usual blue. They are enclosed by the sacred mountain motif which is elongated. The corners are worked to accommodate the interior of the square. All is encompassed with a double triangle border which is fairly uncommon and a minor border composed of the pearl motif. This rug is in essentially perfect condition although it has one small patch which I’m not pointing out so you can have the fun of finding it yourself. read more

Tibetan Rug

Age pre-1910. .
This 3rd quarter 19th century Tibetan rug measures 2’7” X 4’7” (82 x 143 cm). It has a yellow gold field with three medallions in red and blue. .
I It has a rose major border of small crosses on a blue ground. Tne end is a little short. The corners are interesting. It has a motif of half of the ‘sacred mountain’. .
The rug is evenly low. . read more