Ersari Rug Vintage Red Black 11x 9 ft – SOLD

Ersari Rug Vintage Red Black 11x 9 ft Ersari Rug Vintage Red Black 11 x 8 ft Hand knotted in Afghanistan Design: Traditional Ersari Turkoman Bokhara style Size: 9 😡 11 ft – 270 x 340 cm large room size red rug Condition: Very good, minor area of lower pile Materials: Wool   Age: ca. 40 years   All our

Antique Chodor Turkmen Tekke Rug #7770

#7770 Chodor This circa 1840 Turkoman Chodor Oriental Rug measures 6’8” X 9’3” (203 x 282 cm). It has a medium to dark chocolate brown field with a diamond shaped motif in pale red, beautiful green, dark blue and ivory. Each row of these diamond shaped guls are separated by a very asymmetrically drawn lightning bolt design running vertically. The

#7481 Antique Tekke Turkomen Rug

Age pre-1910. This circa 1800 Tekke measures 6’2” X 9’6” (189 x 290 cm). This rug has quite a few very interesting elements beginning with the elams which are very asymmetric. Look at them closely, you’ll see what I mean. The border is also very asymmetric. From a first glance it seems out of whack unlike most Tekkes which have more