Ersari Rug Vintage Red Black 11x 9 ft

Ersari Rug Vintage Red Black 11x 9 ft Ersari Rug Vintage Red Black 11 x 8 ftHand knotted in AfghanistanDesign: Traditional Ersari Turkoman Bokhara styleSize: 9 😡 11 ft – 270 x 340 cm large room size red rugCondition: Very good, minor area of lower pileMaterials: Wool Age: ca. 40 years All our Rugs and Kilims are hand made vintage or antique

Gold Afghan Ersari Vintage Rug 13 x 10 ft Djoharian Collection

Large oversized tribal rug Afghan Ersari Turkoman or Turkmen rug The Turkmen or Turkoman people are settling in villages in Afghanistan an Turkmenistan near the Persian border. Their origin is tribal nomadic, but most members of the tribes have settled in villages in the last decades. Typical for most Turkoman carpets is their geometric design made of wide borders and

Antique Chodor Turkmen Tekke Rug #7770

#7770 Chodor This circa 1840 Turkoman Chodor Oriental Rug measures 6’8” X 9’3” (203 x 282 cm). It has a medium to dark chocolate brown field with a diamond shaped motif in pale red, beautiful green, dark blue and ivory. Each row of these diamond shaped guls are separated by a very asymmetrically drawn lightning bolt design running vertically. The

#7481 Antique Tekke Turkomen Rug

Age pre-1910. This circa 1800 Tekke measures 6’2” X 9’6” (189 x 290 cm). This rug has quite a few very interesting elements beginning with the elams which are very asymmetric. Look at them closely, you’ll see what I mean. The border is also very asymmetric. From a first glance it seems out of whack unlike most Tekkes which have more