#7285 Antique Khotan Oriental Rug 6’8″ X 13’1″

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#7285 Antique Khotan Oriental Rug 6’8″ X 13’1″
Age pre-1910. This early 19th century Khotan measures 6’8” X 13’1” (207 X 399 cm). It has three aubergine dyed medallions. The two end medallions have eight pointed stars flanking a center medallion with an intricate double facing tree of life motif. A fretwork motif frames the corners of the deep blue field which makes use of pomegranate and tree of life motifs. It has three lovely borders. The first is the wand border on an aubergine ground. The next is squares filled with various renditions of pomegranate flowers. The last outer border I don’t have the vocabulary to describe but it is the same as the border as lot 299 in Sotheby’s sale #7820. This rug is evenly low but incredibly lovely to look at. .

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