Bordjalou Kazak

Lot 102 Bordjalou Kazak at Austria Auction Company auction “Collectors Rugs” 9 March 2019 230 x 145 cm (7 ft. 7 in. x 4 ft. 9 in.) Caucasus, ca. 1870 Condition: good, scattered low pile, some old repairs and reweaves Warp: wool, weft: wool, pile: wool Provenance: Austrian private collection Estimate: € 2000 – 3000


Lot 111 at Austria Auction Company auction “Collectors Rugs” 9 March 2019 Heriz 375 x 330 cm (12 ft. 4 in. x 10 ft. 10 in.) Persia, ca. 1900 Condition: good, low pile, either ends slightly incomplete, one hole in the bottom center, some old repairs Warp: cotton, weft: cotton, pile: wool Provenance: Austrian private collection Estimate: € 1500 –

Kazak Karachoph Green Rug Djoharian Collection

Kazak Karachoph rug Djoharian Collection

Kazak Karachoph rug   A beautiful Kazak rug from Azerbeijan. Best quality wool and vegetable dyes. This Kazak rug is a re-birth of traditional rug making in the Caucasus. • Beautiful vintage rug • All handmade • Pile pure wool • Traditional design • Condition: Very good. All of our rugs, carpets and Kilims are original vintage or antique pieces.

Gold Afghan Ersari Vintage Rug 13 x 10 ft Djoharian Collection

Large oversized tribal rug Afghan Ersari Turkoman or Turkmen rug The Turkmen or Turkoman people are settling in villages in Afghanistan an Turkmenistan near the Persian border. Their origin is tribal nomadic, but most members of the tribes have settled in villages in the last decades. Typical for most Turkoman carpets is their geometric design made of wide borders and

20 x 16 ft Azeri Oversized Rug Djoharian Collection

A large sized Turkish Azeri rug with Heriz Bakhshaish design. The pile is made of high end quality wool – hand spun, hand dyed with all vegetable dyes and knotted by master weavers. The rug is very decorative and almost square. The condition is exquisite. The rug was made in eastern Turkey close to the Persian border. In the fourth

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