Palace Tabriz Oversize

Age 1970+. Oversize Tabriz Kurkwool and Silk on Silkbase. Lots of Silk used for design. Extremely fine, ca. 450 kpsi. Size ca. 695 x 450 cm. Rug is folded on the pictures, we had no more space to open it up completley. Rug is new and unused.

08853 Rug Bidjar, Iran Persia 9 x 4.4 ft

Age 1910-1970. Production: Handknotted .Typ: Garrus Bidjar .Size: 274 x 130 cm / 9.2 x 4.4 ft .Land of origin: Iran .Pile: Wool .Foundation: Cotton .How fine: Approx 160.000 knots m² / 105 kpsi .Condition: Perfect .How old: Semi antique .(0-10 new, 10-50 semi antique, 50+ antique). .

12482 Ziegler Mahal Natural dyes

Age 1970+. Classification: Persian rug, 100% kandknotted .Type of rug: Handwoven Ziegler Mahal rug .Size ca.: 9.8 x 6.8 ft .Pile: 100% handspun new wool .Foundation: 100% fine cotton .Design: Allover classic .City of origin: Golpygan .Colors: Natural dyes .About: Reproduction of an antique Ziegler .Age: New (new = 0-10, semiantique = 10-50, antique = 50 and older) .Condition: Perfect .Time

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