Pair of Antique Chinese Throne backs mid 19c # 7776

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#7776-7777 Antique Chinese Throneback

These mid 19th century Chinese Throne backs measure 2’4” X 2’4” each or 2’4” X 4’8” as they are sewn together here. They may be separated and sold individually or sold as is together. They are an Imperial golor color with ivory peonies at the top and bottom corners centered on the floral motif. The centers of the throne backs consist of a wreath containing four ivory flowers around a circle in blue on a golden ground. The entire center of the throne back consists of an ivory pearl motif on a blue ground. The border is very unique for this kind of rug. It is a combination diamond and latticework design in different shades of blue. These mid 19th century throne backs are in perfect mint condition. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance.

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