#7151 Antique Tibetan Meditation Rug 2’3 x 20’3

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#7151 Antique Tibetan Meditation Rug 2’3 x 20’3
Age pre-1910. This late 19th century Tibetan Meditation runner measures 2’3” X 20’3” (70x617cm). This rug has been folded over for purposes of taking the photograph as it will not fit in the frame of my camera. It consists of nine full frontal dragons. The dragons are the typical checkerboard pattern on the bodies in two shades of brown instead of the usual blue. They are enclosed by the sacred mountain motif which is elongated. The corners are worked to accommodate the interior of the square. All is encompassed with a double triangle border which is fairly uncommon and a minor border composed of the pearl motif. This rug is in essentially perfect condition although it has one small patch which I’m not pointing out so you can have the fun of finding it yourself.

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