Vintage Art Deco Chinese Rug #7574

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Vintage Art Deco Chinese Rug #7574
Age Highly-collectible/1910-1930. This circa 1930 Peking weave Art Deco Chinese Oriental rug #7574 measures 4’1” x 7’0” (124 x 213 cm). This is a very interesting rug. It is borderline STUNNING! It has a deep blue oval on a snow white ground which is almost shocking. The white field consists of eight rhomboids in three shades of blue and ivory. In every corner there is for want of a better description a four pointed snowflake filled with what looks like a mocha colored masklike symbol. The border consists of a very geometric floral motif. The rug looks like it was made yesterday. This rug is full pile. The ends and sides are complete. The rug is clean and ready to go.

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